ECare for Homeowners

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MAV Only

Good - Managed Anti-Virus (MAV)
With Managed Anti-Virus from Esh Computer Center, you get the very best protection coupled with our remote monitoring system which notifies us if your Anti-Virus is out of date so we can work to correct it. Together they work hard to make sure you stays protected from threats on your system.


Better - MAV & Web Protection
Anti-Virus is just the begining. Web Protection from Esh Computer Center helps to protect you against viruses, malware, phishing attempts, spyware, adware, spam, and more BEFORE it gets onto your computer by blocking websites & content that are known to be high risk. Web Protection can also provide filtering based the content of the website.

Desktop Security

Best - Desktop Security Bundle
DID YOU KNOW? Over 90% of all security vulnerabilities can be prevented by keeping your computer and software up to date? That is why we have combined Managed Anti-Virus & Web Protection with our Patch Management system to help protect your computer by keeping everything up to date! We support ALL updates for Microsoft Windows, other Microsoft products, and many more! The desktop security bundle is simply the very best protection available for your computer.

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