Remember the fax machine and the MS DOS personal computer that was only used to compute and store basic business information? From the beginnings of the World Wide Web, email, and Google to cloud computing, mobile devices, and the integrated communication of today, the last quarter century has certainly seen dramatic change in the way business tasks are accomplished. Through these changes Esh Computer Center has continued to serve its clients with a wide range of business and individual consumer computer solutions and are now celebrating over 25 years in the business!


On opening day in 1989 Esh Computer Center employed only one person. Today the business has expanded to include a team of over forty skilled staff with divisions specializing in business accounting software, networking, and communications. Currently Esh Computer Center serves many local customers as well as businesses across the United States and Canada.

Jake Esh, founder of Esh Computer Center and Eagle Business Software, bought his first computer in January of 1985. The computer was an IBM PC, MS DOS 3.0, 12” RGA Monitor and an 80 Column Dot Matrix Printer. At that time Jake’s younger brother, Ken Esh, was taking a computer programming course in high school. Together they completed a basic computer course and then continued through vocational technology courses and various other self-study materials. Jake also gained valuable knowledge from personal contacts who had experience in specific technology fields. Jake’s main computer focus between 1985 and 1989 was on computer programming and software development.

Jake’s goal in establishing Esh Computer Center was to offer computer solutions to small businesses.

In 1990 Jake went into the computer services business full time. He had a lot of support from his family in this new venture, particularly from his father and father-in-law. Glenn Esh, who currently leads the Eagle Business Software development team, joined Jake in the early 90’s to develop the DOS version of the EBMS software. The most significant factor in this venture was the repeated confirmations that Jake received from divine intervention. Jake learned about the significance of trusting in God at an early age and whenever Jake applied himself to a new computer concept there was an opportunity to use that knowledge in the real world. After much hard work and learning, Esh Computer Center was born. Jake’s goal in establishing Esh Computer Center was to offer computer solutions to small businesses. The main focus of the company was software solutions but it didn’t take long to see the need for an entire computer solutions establishment, including computer hardware.  

The company was formally set up in 1989. From 1990 – 1991 Jake ran the business from his home by appointment only. In 1992 he opened a showroom and established regular business hours. Because of rapid growth in 1993, the business moved to 5329 Lincoln Highway, Gap. Gap was relatively close to the original office and the new location had store frontage along Route 30. In 2000 the business moved to a new facility at 5351 Lincoln Highway, Gap. This larger, expanded location is where Esh Computer Center is presently serving businesses and consumers today.

Eagle Business Software...

Eagle Business Software, a division of Esh Computer Center, has developed and expanded the accounting software known as Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS). Early versions were created between 1989 and 1990 and the first release of EBMS software followed in 1993. EBMS evolved from a strong need for a good business software that contained flexibility and reliability without the costly price tag of the larger business packages.

Today the EBMS software solution is used by hundreds of companies throughout the US and Canada.
The EBMS software includes tools to streamline order entry, manage inventory including large parts lists, labor and work order management, kitting and manufacturing, and comprehensive accounting tools. Tools such as integrated web based e-commerce solutions, bar code and POS tools, and integrated payment solutions are also available to complete an integrated business management solution.   Today the EBMS software solution is used by hundreds of companies throughout the US and Canada.

truLINQ Communications...

TruLINQ Communications, a division of Esh Computer Center, was opened in 2012 to specifically focus on VoIP phone system services. In recent years they have seen that voice and data networks are beginning to merge into a common network. TruLINQ offers phone system support, network and IP phone integration, IP phones, and infrastructure wiring, serving the small business community.


As technology continues to change and advance, people continue to face the realization that technology is a crucial component in managing a business. Rapidly changing technologies such as cloud computing, mobile devices, massive data storage, integrated communication between individuals and offices, and powerful business software, make service and support critical.

Esh Computer offers a wide variety of services and support to assist with these tasks. Services include network management, software contracts, and help desk service as well as integrated technologies such as phone, e-mail, software, websites, and computers for a more mobile business. These services allow the business owner to maximize the technologies available today without the hassle of personally managing the equipment or software.

Esh Computer Center, Eagle Business Software, and truLINQ Communications are committed to serving their customers with powerful technology solutions supported by the experience of over 25 years.

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