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truLINQ Communications
  •  VoIP Phone System Implementation
  •  Wiring Infrastructure Installation
  •  Maintenance on Select Legacy Phone Systems

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We specialize in expert service, wiring, and repair of telecommunications equipment and networking. We service everything from the inside of your office to the wiring and connectivity at the outside line terminal box.


IP phone systems offer integrated voicemail, e-mail, and phone. We offer full design, installation, and support service for your phone and network system.

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Esh Computer Center is partnering with LG-Ericsson iPECS & Star2Star Communications to deliver the power of communications to small businesses.


IPEC EquipmentIPECS - Unified Communications You Can Afford! Businesses of all sizes are more geographically dispersed with small and home offices needing to communicate as a single business. The distributed intelligent architecture is highly scalable to 600 channels in a single system and IPECS modular appliances and IP Phones deploy anywhere an IP network is available. Interconnect multiple offices over the WAN in a transparent Network and achieve seamless communications under control of a single central Call Server. All features of the central Call Server are available to all elements of the network while you optimize your communications costs, remote gateways and automatic LCR tables provide toll by-pass.

In larger environments or with existing LG-Ericsson communication systems, IPECS IP Networking brings together multiple branch office systems into a seamless telephone network. Today's small and medium size business recognizes the advantages of the Home office workers in terms of costs, performance and morale of the employees. However, without an appropriate business communication solution, remote workers end up on a communications island, unable to effectively communicate with business colleagues.

With the flexible IPECS Remote application, users simply connect their IP Phone or soft client to a home network with internet access and the terminal is automatically registered for service with IPECS. The Remote Service Gateway Module provides an even more complete solution for the home environment by including a local CO line and SLT interface for fax connection. Remote users are an integral part of the system and enjoy secure high quality communications with other users and resources of the server. Your travelling employees need not be out-of-touch, wherever they have an IP connection with IPECS Phontage or UCS Client, they're connected to the office system to place and receive calls and messages. The IPECS Phontage and the UCS Client link business communications with other PC based scheduling and contact applications to improve productivity and responsiveness.

Star2Star100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Other Provider Keeps You Running Like Star2Star

Star2Star Guarantees 99.999% Uptime

  • Disaster Recovery built-In
  • Automatic backup and failover
  • Analog line backup
  • 8 redundant points of presence
  • Redundant phone carriers
  • Redundant Internet connections
  • 24/7/365 proactive support
  • Free next business day parts replacement
  • Money-back guarantee for any down time exceeding 99.999%

Unique Architecture And Technology. Star2Star relies on it's unique, Hybrid Architecture that consists of the StarBox® Cloud Communication Manager (CCM), and a suite of cloud-based services hosted at highly-reliable, redundant data centers. The StarBox® CCM provides built-in quality-of-service and call control and connects over IP infrastructure to Star2Star’s Constellation network, which runs on a collection of call routing nodes and data centers distributed across the country. Using data collected from the nodes, the system determines the best call routing to use for each call placed on every Star2Star customer system, providing crisp, clear audio on every call, with no distortion, echo, or delay. It runs from flash or solid-state disk memory, so there’s no spinning hard drive to wear out or fail unexpectedly. And of course, we back all of this with professional installation and ongoing support via our expansive network of certified partners.

On-premises hardware usually accompanies hosted solutions, but our StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager is a step ahead of the rest. Equipped with a host of features like built in quality-of-service and call control, StarBox® CCM is different on the inside. It connects to Star2Star’s Constellation network, which employs an array of nodes and data centers spread across the U.S. By tracking the performance of each node, Star2Star can then determine the best way to route a call. Couple that with LAN call routing (saving you bandwidth), and the around-the-clock monitoring that we provide, and the reliability of service you receive will be next to none. Moreover, we accommodate businesses from big to small by providing three different sizes of the StarBox® CCM.