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Esh Computer Center - Networking Services

NetworkingThe staff at Esh Computer Center has a wide range of experience to meet the needs of your business. Our networking engineers can help you with network design, installation, and ongoing management and support. We design networks that meet the specific needs of each business, utilizing the latest technologies.

Esh Computer Center also provides high quality networking hardware from the leading manufacturers in the industry. With names such as  Intel, Lenovo, and Xerox, we provide servers, workstations, laptops, and printers. Click here to view our Networking Hardware.


Our team of professionals will design a network that meets the specific needs of your home or business.

A network that is not installed and configured correctly is of little use. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure your network is properly installed and running at optimal efficiency.

eStorage Data Backup
Protect all data on your network with combined LOCAL and ONLINE backup. Includes comprehensive data protection, file sharing, network storage, and remote access to your data from anywhere.

IP Phones & Communications
IP phone systems offer integrated voicemail, e-mail, and phone. We offer full design, installation, and support service for your phone and network system.

Esh Computer Center offers Preferred Customer Support Plans to meet the requirements of your business. Our Service plans contain a variety of services including telephone support, 4-hour guaranteed response time, network forums, data backup services, onsite visits, and more. learn more.

Esh Computer Center will design a server that specifically meets the needs of your company. Using the current Intel technology we build servers economically for businesses large and small.

Hosted Servers
Developed for clients that want to run their business in the cloud. Our hosted servers provide the flexible infrastructure and high-capacity required for any implementation.

Network Software
Microsoft offers solutions for small networks as well as large corporations. Esh Computer Center will help you find the software products that best fulfill the needs of your business.

Security Solutions
In the age of the Internet, security is a concern to everyone. Technology from Watchguard can protect you from external threats on the internet, allow you to control internet access for your employees, and give secure remote access to your network. Symantec provides peace of mind with their industry leading virus protection. Whether protecting your home PC or your entire network, Symantec has the solution that is right for you.

The performance of your network is only as good as the wire that it runs on and the switch that directs the traffic. Netgear and Hewlett Packard offer a variety of solutions.


Watch Guard Netgear Microsoft


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