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Welcome Windows 8
May 2013 by William holmes, Technician

          Windows 8. It looks flat compared to the fancy visual effects of Windows Vista and Windows 7. But it still looks fairly nice and the lack of fancy visual effects might be partly responsible for making Windows 8 a lot faster than Windows 7. It comes across as more stable too. The techs at Esh were using Windows 8 months before it became available to the general public to give us time to evaluate it. 
     Windows 8 is different. There will be some learning involved and a bit of patience required as you become accustomed to the way this new operating system works. Windows 8 is made to be used with a touchscreen, but can also be used with a mouse. Just remember this: when using a mouse, go to the corners of the screen to access the menus. When using a touchscreen, you will want to swipe in from the sides and top and bottom of the screen.
      The start menu is no longer opened from the button in the lower left of the screen. That button is gone and the menu now takes up the entire screen. Any apps you want to run consist of tiles of various sizes that are clickable (or touchable). Some of these tiles are 'live' with an internet connection and will update whatever information they contain. This includes the weather app, stocks app, pictures, and others. The desktop also has its own separate tile. Click on it and you will be taken to the more familiar Windows Desktop. You can add (or remove) application tiles to the start screen or desktop task bar based on which programs you access most often. To see all applications installed on the PC, right-click an open space on the Start screen and left-click the 'All Apps' circle in the lower right corner of the screen. (To right click with a touch-screen, touch and hold any space or icon for a couple of seconds. A square will appear around your finger. Release your finger and the right click menu will appear. Just touch the option you are looking for).
The Charm Bar appears along the right side of the screen and is always available. Just click in the upper right corner or swipe from the left. Along the bottom of the screen, running from left to right, is the taskbar. You can pin your most used programs to the taskbar for easy access. 
Don't be afraid to experiment with Windows 8 and see what is possible. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  1. The Start Menu: 
    Windows 8 always boots up to full-screen Start menu. Whichever tile has the first position in the start menu (far left, upper corner) will be activated upon hitting the Enter key on the keyboard. Move the Desktop icon in that position for easier access to the desktop. The quickest way to get back to the start menu is to tap the Windows Logo key in the lower left corner of your keyboard. 
  2. The Apps Screen: 
    Right-click on an app and a panel will appear at the bottom of the screen with different options for that app, such as Uninstall, Pin to Start, Run as Administrator, and others. There are different actions depending on the kind of app or icon chosen.
  3. Search Function:
    The Windows 8 search function is very nice and much improved over Windows Vista and Windows 7. Just go to the start screen and start typing the keyword of your search. Below that, select where to concentrate your search: Settings, Mail, Files, Music, and a whole host of others. Your search results will appear in the left-hand side of the screen. 
  4. Personalization and Start Options:
    From the Settings charm at the bottom of the charm bar you will find options to personalize the desktop and other aspects of Windows. From here it is also possible to shut down, restart, or put the computer to sleep. A right-click at the bottom left corner of the screen will reveal some other Windows functions. 



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Fake Antivirus Alert: Users Beware

Please read this! I return to you again to warn you of the fake antivirus programs. The imminent danger your computer is up against will cost you money and may possibly destroy or steal your data. The fake antivirus program has become commonplace on PC’s around the world, fooling everyone and their mother. These programs look real, act real and usually come bundled with infections and file-corrupting software. They also have many different names and they look very professional.

Many fake AV’s look just like some well-known antivirus programs with similar interfaces, names and features. There is not any one way to acquire this type of infection because we’ve heard many stories and they’re all different. I will provide some examples after this segment of what could happen when an attempted attack is made. These criminals (call them what they are) are very tricky and deceptive. You must be extremely careful while surfing the Internet today and you must not accept anything you see pop up at you as the truth. Once these fake antivirus programs are installed, they will become very persistent in telling you that your computer is infected in an attempt to scare you into buying the program. Do not buy it! It will not clean your computer or leave you alone! As I stated in an article last year, “It has been reported that rogue (fake) anti-virus sales are earning criminals $34 million a month!” That money figure is astounding and is sure to be on the rise.

These particular infections are becoming increasingly difficult to clean, which leaves most computer users at a loss. The techs at Esh Computer Center can guarantee a clean machine and also give you tools to assist you in the battle against these infections. I hope you heed my advice and do not get infected but, if you do, we have several techs ready and willing to get you back on your feet.

Examples of Fake Anti-Virus attack attempts:

(Please note: these attacks may occur on well-known sites that have been randomly hit by hackers)

  • A fake webpage of your computer and its drives may appear, showing infections on your Local Disk (C:), your DVD drive, etc. It may also prompt you to run or save something. Hit Alt-F4 to close out of these Windows and do not go back to that webpage.
  • A drop-down menu or information bar may appear, stating that your computer is infected and you need to click on the bar in order to clean your computer. Do not click on the bar. Close the browser or hit Alt-F4.
  • An e-mail may arrive with a “.exe” file attached. This e-mail may be a fake greeting card, fake UPS tracking, etc. Delete the e-mail and do not open the attachment.
    You may click on a link to a video from a possibly unknown source. This link may take you to a place that states the need to upgrade your flash player. Do not continue. This is also an attack. Close out and go to to upgrade your flash player. Then you will know for sure if your flash player is up to date.
  • Some people have run into these attacks by searching page after page after page in a Google search or other search engine query. You never know what you are going to come up against when you are searching through thousands of web sites. Use search tools such as McAfee Site Advisor ( or F-Secure Browser Protection.


These attacks come in many shapes and sizes and the list could go on forever. I will say this again and I cannot say it enough. Be aware, think twice, and use security software! If you are getting warnings, make sure they’re coming from the security software you have installed.

We are here to help you and we do not want you to get infected. If you would like to be sure your PC is in good shape, leave it with the professionals at Esh Computer Center. We will take great care of your machine, keep your data secure and provide you with tools to assist you in the war against Malware


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